Who Are We?

Brighton Migrant Solidarity is a grass-roots community and campaign group. We work to support migrants in Brighton and beyond.  We believe that everybody has the right to cross borders. Our aim is to build a strong and diverse movement where we support each other in our personal and political struggles to make the world a place where there truly is space for all.

If you came looking for Thousand 4 1000, thank you but this is the site you need: www.thousand4thousand.org.uk.

We warmly welcome people with experience of fleeing conflict or seeking sanctuary to all of our meetings and events. We know that our movement needs to include people with different abilities and needs. If there are barriers to you attending our events, let us know and we will make the requisite changes.

If you would like to come to our next meeting, please contact us at brimigsol@riseup.net to find out when it is.

What Do We Do?


We are a non-hierarchical group working in a spirit of mutual aid to provide support for people who suffer as a result of the UK’s immigration rules. We also work to remove those rules through direct action and political agitation.

Practically that means we:

  • Run a network of care
  • Accompany people to appointments and interviews
  • Signpost people to relevant services
  • Help people battle bureaucracy
  • Raise funds for the wider No Borders movement and the individuals in need of cash
  • Spread and share information about the nature and effects of the border regime both on and off-line
  • Organise and struggle with all those seeking to make the possibility of movement available to all.

Details of all of this can be found on our blog and our more info page.