Protests and Hunger Strikes in Calais

In protest at their disgusting treatment by the French and British authorities, and, indeed, by the citizens of Europe, exiles in Calais occupied the food distribution centre. Negotiations between the occupiers and the Powers proved unproductive, and on 11 June, some of the protestors began a hunger strike. They released the following statement:


After the destruction of our camps and our occupation of the food distribution place, French authorities came two times to meet us. They announced us they will come again to meet us Thursday June 3. Nobody came and we are without any news from them.

Today Wednesday June 11, a part of us, with the support of all of us, begins a hunger strike. We ask the French and British authorities to resume the interrupted dialogue and meet with us without delay.

We remind them our revendications :
– Houses in Calais for all the migrants who wish to go to England and the asylum seekers forced to live in the street;
– Houses with proper hygienic conditions: toilets, showers, garbages;
– Houses where we can come and go at anytime to be able to keep trying to cross to England;
– Houses safe from the police controls and mistreatments and from evictions;
– To have access to three meals a day;
– To open negotiations between France and the United Kingdom in order that people can access the British territory.

For updates and the original statement (in French) please see passeursdhospitalites


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