Counselling Services for Migrants

Unsurprisingly, moving country can be a traumatic experience. If you compound that with the ‘push factors’ that lead to migration – war, poverty, persecution, for example; mix in the terrors of the journey – people trafficking, evil border regimes, homelessness; and then add in a hostile reception on arrival – little support, no right to work, a racist media, and even incarceration, migration can take a serious toll on your mental health. Unfortunately, a lot of the support you might need is very expensive, and that is a serious barrier to access.

A while back we did some research into low cost or free counselling services for migrants in Brighton and the south east. These are some of our results…


list of low cost couselling in London

Compass, a support service offering counselling and peer support to young migrants in croydon”


The BMECP, (Black and Minority Ethnic community partnership) offer some free counselling. Their website, also has some good health, including mental health, info and links.

The excellent refugee radio, run a support group for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. It is on Mondays between 6 and 8 at the Brighton Junction, 35 New England Street.
Support Group flyer

BHT, Brighton Housing Trust, run a women only counselling service, threshold. There website isn’t very helpful, but here is the link:

The rock clinic do a low cost counselling service for £15 a session, and a low cost psychotherapy service, £5-£15 a session. Their website is here: the rock clinc.

Mind in Brighton and Hove also have advice, peer support and lots of good contacts. You can find them here: Mind in Brighton and Hove

Finally the council has this list of services: the council’s mental health page

If you know of more services, do add them to the comments or drop us a line


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