June Newsletter

What We Have Been up to:

May brought an arts festival to Brighton. It also brought two small-scale (not particularly successful) BMS events. We tried to highlight the ongoing horrors in the Med (see: watchthemed for more information). We launched a spectacularly unsuccessful campaign against lifeguards on Brighton beach. The simple thought was that such a crap idea would help folk realise that Theresa May’s ‘let them drown’ policy was stupid and abhorrent. We spelt it out on the back of the flyer:
flyer front flyer back

The flyers were handed out at SolFed’s May Day picnic and on Brighton beach (along with some free bean burgers). Unfortunately, the flyers proved confusing (and nobody wanted a bean burger).

We are doing our best to agitate for Ferries Not Frontex, and will hopefully find new and improved ways of putting the message out there. Suggestions for better strategies are most welcome.

Meanwhile you might want to consider donating to this project: lepotcommun.fr.
The organisation “La Terre pour Tous” are trying to raise the money to hire a boat to take a short trip in the Mediterranean around the Tunisian coast to highlight the ongoing injustice of the EU’s border policies.

Some Bad News

Our brand spanking new government is doing its best to make clear that they have no time for immigrants and will do all that they can to waste much money and resources as possible on making life miserable for those that have the temerity to seek a different life here. Here are a couple of their proposed policies:
Making working without the necessary documentation a crime, thus criminalising acting to avoid destitution. More details here:
migrantsrights.org blog
Bringing the border everywhere and turning all of us into border guards:
Massive data collection and sharing when it comes to migration status just to make sure that vulnerable people have no protection from the law, access to housing or health care:
Your favourite Home Secretary is very clear that the right policy when it comes to refugees is to make sure that they do not come here. Let poor people look after the very poor:
The Guardian report on May’s response to the EU’s latest refugee plan

Meanwhile the EU has decided to launch military action against people smugglers, knowing full well that is going to kill migrants and has no clear objective:
statewatch.org’s copy of the EU draft plan
Here is a good analysis of the policy:
statewatch.org’ analysis

Some Good News (Events):

Film Screening: Mare Chiuso + The Ex-Ghurkas in Aldershot
Monday 22 June, 7-9pm, The Cowley Club, London Road.
We failed to show “Mare Chiuso” last month (problems with getting hold of both the film and its subtitles). We should receive it at some point this month. We are showing it on the 22nd along with Fran Freeman’s short documentary capturing Aldershot through the eyes of the retired Ghurkas now living there.

Barbeque for NoBorders
We are also planning a fundraising barbecue to have some fun and get some much-needed cash to those struggling against Fortress Europe.

Other Dates for your Diary:

Surround Yarls Wood
Saturday 6 June, 2-5pm, Yarls Wood Detention Centre
The excellent Movement for Justice are organising their biggest anti-detention centre protest yet. There are coaches from Euston at 9.30. Be there.
details and call for cash

Sussex Defend The NHS Stall
Saturday 6 June, 11-2 pm, War Memorial, Old Steine
Find out about the NHS sell off and what you can do to stop it.

End Austerity Now, Demonstration
Saturday 6 June, 2pm, Victoria Gardens
If you can’t get to Yarls Wood but want to upset the status quo, join the People’s Assembly at their protest against austerity. There is enough for all if we are all in it together.

Sussex Defend The NHS Organising Meeting
Tuesday 9 June, 7-9pm Small Hall, Dorset Gardens Methodist Hall
Organise to defend the NHS

Sanctuary on Sea launch
Saturday 14 June, 5-8 pm, Brighthelm Centre
The launch of the sanctuary on sea project, a project aiming to make Brighton and Hove the city of Sanctuary for refugees. The event will premiere the documentary “Tasting my Future” a film documenting local refugee women, their stories and their hopes. The organisers also promise food and music.

End Austerity, National Demonstration
Saturday 20 June, 12 midday, Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London
The big one. Fight back against the economically illiterate, politically nasty, misery inducing austerity. Train from Brighton via eventbrite.

Refugee Tales
Saturday 13 June-Sunday 23 June, Dover-the Hawth Theatre, Crawley.
A pilgrimage in solidarity with refugees from Dover to Crawley. The idea is to highlight the enormous history of movement by walking an ancient route whilst a pretty impressive cast of writers tell the tales of contemporary migrants. The pilgrimage ends at the Hawth Theatre Crawley where the tales will be told. Geoffrey Chaucer eat your heart out.

Sussex Defend The NHS Open Forum, 4:1 campaign. NHS staffing levels
Thursday 25 June, Venue and Time, tbc
Find out about the reality of ‘NHS staff shortages’, pay and conditions in the NHS and what can be done to change things.


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