Swap Shop Coffee Morning, 6th Feb

So at our most recent meeting we talked about ways to further our network of care. We figured that one thing everybody (movers and stayers alike) needs is a social life. Unfortunately, in our capitalist world, a social life doesn’t come for free. If that sounds off to you, think about how commercial a space the beach is. (You also might want to consider the price of a bus fare, and what it means to be denied a way of supporting yourself in a capitalist economy). We want to build up a fund for socialising. A fund for fun, if you like. That way people and groups, including BMS, can put on events and organise activities where money is no barrier to participation.

Our first fundraiser will be a swap shop coffee morning on the 6th Feb in Hove.

This is an exciting post-xmas opportunity to rid your home of surplus clothes (eg impulse shopping mistakes…. unwanted xmas/hanukkah presents….that suit which will only ever look good on you again in your dreams) and refresh your wardrobe with some trend-setting new items. Also cake.

There will be a small entry charge and all proceeds will go towards the network of care.

More details about the morning to follow. In the meantime please put the date in your diary and disseminate to anyone you think might be interested.


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