Thousand 4 £1000, Launch Party, Sat 13th August.

The thousand 4 £1000 project is going remarkably well. We have around about £400 in subscriptions coming in every month, and very realistic hope of securing a four-bedroom house for six months. Watch this space. However, one thing we have not done is officially launch the project with a big media friendly bang. That is precisely what we going to do on August 13 — That is the Saturday for those of you who are not savants. The plan is to have a spectacular festival at the Rose Hill Tavern. If you do not know the Rose Hill, you are missing out. It is a wonderful little community venue dedicated to bringing innovative music and good old-fashioned joy to the people of Brighton. We are going to be there from 2 o’clock till late. There is an exciting lineup of music and poetry. There will be games aplenty, including a raffle, and a vegetarian evening meal. We are going to keep it dry until the evening to keep it safe for children and welcoming to non-drinkers and then open the bar at about 630. Children and non-drinkers are welcome to stay.

You can buy tickets here:

<a href=”″></a&gt;

See you on the 13th.


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