Looking for a housemate

That time of year has come round again where a new generation of students will write “ironic” and “nature reference” in the margin of library books. It is also the time of year when recently graduated students and others look for new housemates in the overheated, overpriced rental market.

In amongst all of that one young man from Afghanistan finds himself homeless. He is homeless because the state says he is from the wrong side of the border. They will not let him work and they will not provide any assistance to him.

There is a solution. Enough people in Brighton and Hove have put up enough money to cover his portion of the rent and bills in a shared house. What we need is some open-minded, kindhearted individuals who would like to make this lovely 23-year-old man part of their household. If that is you, please get in touch with us via our email, brimigsol@riseup.net

Together we can support this young man to make for himself in Brighton.


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