Can anyone front up £2000 for an Article 8 Application?

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be”, Polonius advises Laertes. It might be financially prudent, but it is thoroughly unloving. We all need each other. We are all constantly in each other’s debt. The flipside of that being that we are all constantly each other’s creditor.

The point is that we have come across someone who urgently needs to make an article 8 application for leave to remain. An article 8 application is an application based on your right to a family life. You can find out more about Article 8 applications by having a look at Right to Remain’s excellent toolkit.

Article 8 applications are not cheap. They are complicated and require good quality immigration advice if they are to succeed, and, unless you can persuade the Home Office that you are destitute, you have to pay a high filing fee, £811, and the large health surcharge, £1000. Our person is £2000 short. This person is working, and so they should be able to get a loan from the credit union, but, given the nature of the Credit Union, they need to charge reasonably high interest. What we are hoping is that there is somebody out there who is lucky enough to have £2000 they can put up as a loan and would like to spite Polonius.


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