Those Who Eat Together, Fight Together: The NHS and the Border

It is well-known that the border is not at the border. It is everywhere. All of us are being turned into border guards. People can be here without being here. It is the ‘legal’ justification for locking people up without trial. If they were recognised by the law as being here, the government not be allowed to do it. The NHS is an important battleground in the border everywhere agenda. Healthcare and the Border PosterEverybody needs healthcare at some point, but when you turn up in hospital, your immigration status is checked. This is ostensibly so the people ‘not entitled’ to NHS care can be charged for the services they receive. You might suspect that it’s more about undermining the principle of health service that is universal and free at the point of access. It is also quite clearly a way of identifying and deporting the ‘wrong sort of migrants’. It needs to be resisted. We will be having a communal meal this Sunday in the Cowley club with speakers from Sussex Defend the NHS and Docs Not Cops to share information and to plan our resistance. Remember, those who eat together fight together.



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