Those Who Eat Together Fight Together: Support not Seperation

This Sunday, the 30th we have the latest in our “those who eat together, fight together” series of meals and discussions. This month we are hosting the “support not separation” coalition to discuss the rise in forced adoptions and its disproportionate effect on women of colour, migrants and working-class women. It is a bit of a hidden scandal. It would be good to see you there.
Support not Separation Poster

Support Javad

This Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting a young man from Iran, Javad and his wonderful adoptive parents, Terry and Stuart. Javad’s parents were killed in the Bam earthquake of 2003. Javad was taken into an orphanage. At 12, he left Iran strapped the underside of a lorry and came to the UK. He was looked after by the care system and at 21 moved to Hastings.

Javad plays guitar

He has lived there ever since. He has never had any form of leave to remain in this country, but you can’t deport orphans to Iran. That would be a breach of their human rights. Of course, now that he’s an adult, it’s totally acceptable for the UK government to expect him to return to Iran. Javad, Terry and Stuart are fighting hard for Javad to have the right to remain in the only place he can possibly call home. To compound the horror of being dumped in a country you have no real ties to, Javad is autistic. It is unimaginably cruel to insist that he has to start again in a country he last knew as a child.


Javad’s central problem is that there is no easy route to status. He’s too old to claim a right to a private and family life as a child of Terry and Stuart. He doesn’t have a partner or children of his own. What he does have is a family and a community who love him. His best chance is to persuade the Home Secretary, his very own MP, that his autism and the length of hisabsence from the country where he has no immediate family means that there are significant obstacles to him rebuilding what he has here in Iran. To do that, he needs all of our support. You have a few minutes, perhaps could sign and share his petition, 38 Degrees Petition, share his website, , or even write him a letter of support,

Javad clearly struggled hard with social interaction. He is shy and nervous. This is not surprising given his life background and cognitive make up. What is, perhaps, surprising, is how warm and enthusiastic Javad is. It is clear that all Javad wants to do is take part in regular life in the UK. He is a fashion designer of some talent. He wants to run his own clothing label. He wants to help out with community projects and to be constructive member of society. We can only hope that the powers that be will give him the chance.


Sham Marriage

Sham Wedding Invite

We hear a lot about sham marriages, marriages contracted for visas, but marriage is a legal institution and all marriages confer legal benefits. We are having a party to explore the strange border that governs who can marry whom and why and to celebrate sham marriages everywhere. You are invited.

Those Who Eat Together, Fight Together: The NHS and the Border

It is well-known that the border is not at the border. It is everywhere. All of us are being turned into border guards. People can be here without being here. It is the ‘legal’ justification for locking people up without trial. If they were recognised by the law as being here, the government not be allowed to do it. The NHS is an important battleground in the border everywhere agenda. Healthcare and the Border PosterEverybody needs healthcare at some point, but when you turn up in hospital, your immigration status is checked. This is ostensibly so the people ‘not entitled’ to NHS care can be charged for the services they receive. You might suspect that it’s more about undermining the principle of health service that is universal and free at the point of access. It is also quite clearly a way of identifying and deporting the ‘wrong sort of migrants’. It needs to be resisted. We will be having a communal meal this Sunday in the Cowley club with speakers from Sussex Defend the NHS and Docs Not Cops to share information and to plan our resistance. Remember, those who eat together fight together.


Campaign against the Arms Trade — Stall, Sat 1 April, New Road Brighton

The UK is a major player in the global arms trade. The global arms trade is a major player in displacing people. It’s also a major player in dealing out death and destruction. The UK has a major contract with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia are pulverising Yemen with those UK supplied weapons. The UK is also host to the DSEI (Defence and Security Equipment International) trade show.

DSEI Fair — Campaign Against The Arms Trade, flikr, CC license

It is a glorious event in which weapons manufacturers and security experts come together to sell each other the latest in deathdealing technology, border control innovations and gizmos to keep the general public in line. People power can stop this. Brighton campaigners against the Arms trade will be having a stall opposite the Theatre Royal this Saturday, 1 April between 11 and one. Come down to show your support and find out more.

Opera Tickets Wanted

Here is an unusual request. One of our members, who is without status, has a wife who lives in another part of the world. She is coming for a visit. He would really, really, really, like to take her to the opera. (He has never been himself, but, you know, the opera, that’s romantic). What we would really like is if somebody out there has a season ticket to one of the opera houses and can provide two tickets to a beautiful couple. The grand visit is next month between the 10th and 24th.

Paris Opera House

By Peter Rivera (Paris Opera) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons