Donate to the Destitution Solidarity Fund

If you would like to make a one off payment to support people made destitute by the UK’s immigration rules, here is the place to do it. We will set up online payments system, but they all charge. What we would really like is if you could move the money by BACS transfer. Here are the details:
     Bank Name: The Co-operative Bank
     Account Name: East Sussex Credit Union
     Sort Code: 08-92-50
     Account number: 67007952
     Reference: 8737-BMS-share 2
Because we in fact have a share with the East Sussex Credit Union, you have to use that reference otherwise all your money will get lost in the credit union’s Co-op bank account.

Here are some useful links:
barclays, co-operative bank, halifax, hsbc, lloyds-tsb, nationwide, natwest, rbs, santander, tsb

If you don’t want to do that, you can use paypal, but note that PayPal will take a significant cut:
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